Florida Keys & Monterey Bay

Photos credits: Chad King, NOAA, Brett Seymour, NPS, Submerged Resources Center.


CONABIO Hosts Workshop to Discuss Pole-to-Pole MBON

on Sept 27-29, 2016. 

ONMS Video Highlights MBON
In the ONMS "Earth is Blue video “Exploring the Davidson Seamount”  Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Research Coordinator Andrew DeVogelaere gives an overview of MBON collaborators, research activities and several  advanced technologies used to study the biodiversity of fish, sea birds and other marine life in the MBNMS. 

PORTAL TESTS BIODIVERSITY INDICES AND REGIONAL DATA SETS.The MBON DMAC team and Axiom Data Sciences incorporated seven biodiversity indices into the portal. During this beta test period, the team is analyzing the indices in the context of the Florida Reef Visual Census (RVC) datasets, the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) program larval fish and egg surveys, and the Bering Arctic Subarctic Integrated Survey (BASIS) data. Read more.

PORTAL REVIEW MEETINGS.  In September, MBON teams are scheduling meetings with ecologists, fisheries experts and frequent users of the datasets to discuss the functionality and obtain input on additional data needs.  More.

OUTREACH IN MONTEREY AND FLORIDA. MBON partners in the NOAA Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing Systems  (GCOOS) engage youth, public and educators. 

NEW SEASCAPES GUIDES FLORIDA KEYS SAMPLING. MBON researchers tested a new sampling plan strategy based on satellite seascape maps.

Santa Barbara Channel

If you are interested in discussing your research or datasets, we would like to hear from you. 

Creating Satellite Seascape Maps

Marine biological diversity is a key indicator of ocean health.

Creating Satellite Seascape Maps in Florida



The Santa Barbara Channel is one of the most studied marine areas in the world.


Marine Biodiversity Observation Network Activities 

The Marine Biodiversity Observation Network

Three Projects in Biologically and Economically Important Marine Regions,

30+ Universities, Federal and State Agencies, Research Organizations

and the Private Sector Working Together

to Develop and Integrate New Tools, Advanced Technologies and Practices to

Improve Biodiversity Assessments and Enhance Decision Making.

Chukchi Sea