MBON Side Event Discusses News Strategies and Tools at the Group on Earth Observations XIV Plenary in Washington, DC. on Oct, 24, 2017 

The two-hour side event explored evolving strategies being implemented by MBON projects and partner organizations to integrate biological observations into ocean observing systems for practical applications. Woody Turner,  program manager for Ecological Forecasting at NASA kicked off the the program and reviewed NASA's support. Keynote speaker Nancy Knowlton, Smithsonian Institution senior scientist, discussed the advances in tools and automation, standardization of sampling methods and procedures which are improving marine biodiversity monitoring in situ.  Gabrielle Canonico, NOAA US IOOS program manager, gave an overview of the US MBON goals and plans for the next steps.  

A preview of the first prototype products developed to support SDG #14 requirements were given by MBON product developers, Ben Best, Ecoquants, and Enrique Montes, University of South Florida. The tools were developed by the research teams in the Sanctuaries MBON Project. The prototype tools use biological data from OBIS,  sea surface temperature, chlorophyll in a dynamic geographic map, which includes marine protected zones.  In the panel discussion, Steve Gittings, NOAA Office of the National Marine Sanctuaries, Pat Halpin, Duke University and Michael Ott, Intergovernental Oceanographic Commission, offered perspectives about the future of MBON and value for Sustainable Development Goals and global assessments.  The session was organized by US MBON Gabrielle Canonico and Woody Turner, with the GEO BON Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) co-chair Frank Muller-Karger. 

MBON All-Hands Meeting Presentations
May 2017 -- The U.S. Marine Biodiversity Observation Network "All Hands" Meeting on May 26, 2017 brought together PIs, partner organizations and a number of NOAA divisions.  To see the presentations go here to the NASA site and the meeting summary is on the NOPP website.

NOPP Selects MBON Project for Excellence in Partnership Award
Feb. 2017 -- The National Oceanographic Partnership Program announced that the Sanctuaries MBON project was selected to receive the 2016 Excellence In Partnering Award.  Read about the NOPP's Excellence in Partnering award

Canonico Discusses MBON in NOAA NOS Podcast

Jan. 2017 --  In a podcast produced by the National Ocean Service, â€‹Gabrielle Canonico, U.S. IOOS MBON program manager, discusses the importance of integrating existing datasets and how MBON is working to increase our understanding of life in the ocean. Click to listen/read.  Canonico explains how the U.S. MBON researchers with expertise in remote sensing, genomics, ecology, fisheries, biogeochemistry, and data management, are working together define methods for monitoring essential ocean variables that will enable researchers and managers to study changes in ecosystems, biodiversity and oceanographic conditions over time, and make this accessible in the MBON portaonline databases.  

MBON Initiatives Recognized by Obama White House Fall 2016 
Sept. 2016 -- The White House acknowledged the importance of creating a unified global Marine Biodiversity Observation Network and coordination between the U.S. Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) and international ocean observing and data networks such as the Global Ocean Observation System (GOOS) and the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) to improve the acquisition, delivery and application of information on change in the marine environment, and support marine conservation and decision-making at the national, regional, and global levels. Click here to read the Fact Sheet

Click the image to watch the MBON Session.