Co-Principal Investigator
Scott Doney, Ph.D. (WHOI)

Sanctuaries MBON Leads

Co-Principal Investigator

Steve Gittings, Ph.D. (NOAA ONMS)

Doney, Senior Scientist at WHOI, oversees the implementation of remote sensing biogeographic seascape assessments  with Kavanaugh, and defines stakeholder communications strategies.

Kavanaugh, Postdoctoral Investigator in Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry at WHOI, develops and implements the remote sensing biogeographic seascape assessments working jointly with all MBON projects. Kavanaugh also develops and implements phytoplankton functional type algorithms and conducts geostatistical analyses on remote sensing and field data to determine patch and other scales of variability.

Co-Principal Investigator
Enrique Montes Ph.D. (USF)

Chavez, Senior Scientist for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, coordinates the project’s west coast activities, works with the MBNMS and oversees the collection, processing and data sharing from the Monterey Bay Time-Series. He also coordinates the technology development for genetic determinations in MB, and leads the Data Management group in the development of the portal.  Chavez also serves as link to GEO BON where he serves on the Marine Working Group.

​​Gittings,  Chief Scientist for NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, works with the program's scientists to better understand sanctuary ecosystems, track changing conditions and reduce human impacts. He, along with Mitchell Tartt at the ONMS, leads the coordination of Sanctuary science assessments, updates for the Condition Reports, and coordinates with the MB and Keys Sanctuary teams.


Montes, Postdoctoral Research Associate, is responsible for designing and coordinating research activities in the Florida Keys in collaboration with FKNMS science personnel, South Florida Program (NOAA's AOML), the MBON Genomics team, and other research groups. He also collaborates with WHOI investigators on the  development of satellite remote sensing products that provide information on phytoplankton communities at the MBON sites.

Muller-Karger, professor at the University of South Florida College of Marine Science, is responsible for the overall project management. He also coordinates the Florida Keys research and collaborates with MBON teams on the analysis of the FKNMS time series, and examines local and large-scale temporal variability using remote sensing and other data. He serves on the Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network (GEOBON) Marine Working Group.

Co-Principal Investigator

Maria Kavanaugh, Ph.D. (WHOI)

Principal Investigator
Frank Muller-Karger, Ph.D. (USF)

Co-Principal Investigator
Francisco Chavez, Ph.D. (MBARI)